Non-Disclosure Agreement Between Hero6 Development Team
Recieving Individual

WHEREAS Hero6 Development Team (hereby called Hero6), is an internet-based game development group consisting of volunteer members, and

WHEREAS the member is an individual wishing to contribute to Hero6, and

WHEREAS during the course of volunteering for Hero6 Confidential Information will be exchanged between the parties.

NOW THEREFORE in consideration of membership in the Hero6 Development Team the member agrees as follows.

1. Confidential Information
1.1 All information, physical material, or electronic material exchanged between the parties during the member's term of membership, such as, but not limited to, information on products, processes, technology, design, artwork, plot, music, etc. shall be considered Confidential Information by the receiving party
1.2 The following Information shall not be considered Confidential Information regardless of its possible designation as such:
1.2.1. Information that at the time of the disclosure is in the public domain.
1.2.2. Information that after disclosure is published or otherwise becomes part of the public domain through no fault or breach of this agreement by the member.
1.2.3. Information the is received after the time of disclosure by the receiving party from a third party who did not acquire such information directly or indirectly from the disclosing party under obligations of confidentiality and who is in lawful possession of the said information.
1.2.4. Information that is required to be disclosed by law.
2. Obligations of the parties
2.1 In respect of the disclosing party's Confidential Information disclosed during the course of the member's membership in Hero6, the receiving party agrees to undertake and to be bound:
2.1.1 To keep the Confidential Information strictly confidential and secret and not in any way or at any time to make any use thereof except for the purpose of performing tasks for Hero6.
2.1.2 Not to disclose any Confidential Information to any third party or other person not a member of Hero6 without prior approval from Hero6 as outlined in section 4 of this agreement.
2.1.3 To take all reasonable steps to ensure that no Confidental Information is accidentally disclosed in violation of this agreement.
3. Title
3.1 The parties agree and acknowledge that title and ownership to confidential information shall remain vested in Hero6 at all times.
4. Limited Release of Obligations
4.1 If at any time a member of Hero6 wishes to disclose Confidential Information to the general public, that member must seek a waiver of their obligation for each item they wish to disclose by one of the following means:
4.1.1 Specific permission from "Erasmus," Creative Leader of Hero6.
4.1.2 Specific permission from "Ianfe" or "Daemious," Hero6 administrators.
4.1.3 By posting your request in the appropriate forum and submitting that request to judgement by other members, which may or may not be regulated by that section's administrator.