Please click here for the full Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), which you should read. Below is a much simpler version of what it states:
  1. The information you obtain by becoming a hero6 member is confidential.
  2. By contributing to Hero6 through membership, you agree not to disclose any confidental information to the public about Hero6.
  3. All confidential information you recieve or produce will remain property of Hero6 unless you are given special permission to disclose that information to the public or until which time Hero6 is released to the public.
  4. In order to obtain permission to release confidential information, you must recieve approval from either Erasmus, Ianfe, or Daemious, or submit your request to the appropriate department and let a vote determine if you can disclose it, which may be subject to that department's administrator approval.
The purpose of the NDA is not to prohibit you from using your own work to show for friends, submit in use as a portfolio, or for other strictly private means. The purpose is to ensure that confidential information isn't released to the general public. For veteran members, this is not a change in policy, just a clarification of our current policies.

Thank you for your time and for participating in Hero6.
Erasmus- Creative Leader, Hero6